No Longer A Soldier
No Longer A Soldier

No Longer A Soldier


Donna Bourke

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Donna Bourke’s story No Longer A Soldier is the long-awaited sequel to her memoir Hidden Courage – My Life as a Female Australian Soldier.
Donna’s post service story continues from the day of her medical discharge from the army after a career spanning over three decades.
Despite the reality and challenges of managing post-traumatic stress, debilitating physical injuries, and facing the darkness of suicidal ideations, this story is one of courage. With a determination that trauma would not define, nor be her new identity, Donna’s hope and positivity shines through, proving that life moves forward. Successfully discovering her newfound purpose and identity, this story is a must read for anyone struggling or facing trepidation when faced with uncertainty.
But this time, it isn’t all about Donna.
Five current and ex-serving veterans have added their voices with powerful stories that will surprise and educate the reader on a life of service.

Donna Bourke has followed her memoir, Hidden Courage – My Life as a Female Australian Soldier, with her post-service story. In No Longer A Soldier, Donna and her colleagues share their lives, vulnerabilities, and experiences with us in a raw and honest way.
Donna discusses her struggle with the black dog (PTSD) and her fight to tame it. I say tame it because, being a victim of the black dog myself, I now believe it’s not something that one completely recovers from. You just learn how to manage it more efficiently.
However, it is the bravery of these soldiers in the field and the battles they face afterwards which is to be admired. Donna and the current and ex-serving members who contributed their voices to this book share that bravery with all of us. Well done!
Keith Payne VC AM

A sense of isolation, indeed abandonment, steps out of these poignant, often compelling accounts of people leaving our Navy, Army and Air Force after years of service. They powerfully urge us all to do better in the care of all of this part of our national treasure in their lives, in and out of uniform.
General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK AC (Mil) CVO MC (Retd)
Former Governor-General of Australia and Chief of the Defence Force


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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Trevor Evans (ex military)
Easy to read with a few tears but a lot of laughs!

I read Donna's first book and of course, couldn't wait to read her sequel. I found the second book as easy to read as the first. At times it brought tears to my eyes tempered with the opportunity to laugh at the behind the lines knowledge of the instances in it. Reading the different perspectives of military life by the other five authors Donna invited to share their stories, was a real eye opener for me. I have been out of the military for 29 years, but both my wife and I could relate to the strength of these brave individuals very much. Thank you for sharing your stories.


Love it

Kerry M
Pathways of hope

I read Donna's memoir, Hidden Courage - My Life as a Female Australian Soldier, and was delighted to know she had written a sequel. I often wondered what happens to those who leave a career in the military through no fault of their own. Donna and the other authors in this sequel have answered that question for me and for that I thank you.
Their journey navigating life outside of the military is complex and ongoing but this sequel, beautifully written by its simplicity, provides so many pathways of hope. Despite their struggles, I could not help but see incredible resilience and great bravery.
Thank you, Donna and the five other authors. for a great example of how to move forward in spite of life's very difficult hurdles.

Alicia M
This book will be my go to for positiviy

I’m a current serving member of the military and going through a bit myself as are a few mates, leaving us questioning our own service.
My boss suggested I read Donna’s book, No Longer a Soldier. I read a couple of the reviews with the headings ‘Now I understand’ and then I read the reviews on Donna’s other book Hidden Courage. It piqued my interest and although I’m not a big reader, I decided to buy both books.
Donna’s way of making you feel she is speaking directly to you through her writing made me not want to put those books down until the end! I resonated with almost everything!
Her subtle suggestions of how to move forward and well, everything else, gave me the inspiration to implement those ideas in the workplace.

I have to say I do understand more now, but these books will be in my office at work so I can, as Donna asked, pay it forward so my work colleagues can borrow and read the books - I know it’s helped me and it will definitely, definitely help others. Thank you for writing two very interesting, funny and life saving books

Julie Beard
Now I understand

A book so interesting, so raw, so thought provoking. I thought I had some idea of PTSD but I didn’t. Thank you for educating me.