Narnee's Hair
Narnee's Hair

Narnee's Hair


Wendy Butler

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Narnee's Hair has a mind of its own – sometimes it’s both straight and frizzy.

We try to untangle the curly bits but end up just getting dizzy.

Narnee's Hair creates curiosity and hilarity for her grandchildren who are both intrigued and entertained by its antics. They love Narnee just the way she is and wouldn't change her 'big hair' for anything.

A delightful rhythmic and rhyming story which captivates imaginations and inspires conversations with its colourful and creative mixed media illustrations. Get lost in the world of fun and unique relationships between children and their grandparents.

Has your Narnee got big hair?

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Format: Saddle-stitch
Dimensions: Custom landscape (230 x 210 mm)
Pages: 24 pgs