Murray Hallam Aquaponic Gardening System Plans

Murray Hallam Aquaponic Gardening System Plans


Murray Hallam

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This “Build It Yourself” Aquaponics plan collection is 130 pages and over 180 photos, diagrams and illustrations that feature four individual Aquaponics system build projects.

Everything you need to know to build your own home Aquaponics system.

Collection of plans will be posted to anywhere in the world.

1. INDY 11 standard study plans
2. Three bed tote system
3. Wicking bed secrets. Complete build instructions
4. Use recycled bathtubs to make a very low cost home system.

Over 180 photographs, illustrations and diagrams
Bill of quantities for each project
Plumbing mysteries unravelled.

Instructions are very detailed, even down to the list of tools needed for the particular project you have chosen to build from the book of plans.


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