Murder Times 3
Murder Times 3

Murder Times 3


Mary Helen Farr

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Inspector Jean Augustine hails from Geneva, Switzerland. He now lives and works in Launceston, Tasmania, after being exiled in disgrace by the Chief Commissioner of Police - husband of his lover. Confused by the down to earth Australian culture, he tries his best to understand its ways - let alone its language - relying on his long suffering side kick Constable Rosalie Smythe, to help him out.

In St Leonards, a small outer suburb of Launceston, a teenage lass’s body is found in the river by local children Peggy and Kit, sending shock waves through the small community. Couples who have lived there for years, wonder who could have done it - and why? Gossip abounds.

Then another young girl loses her life. The Inspector and Rosalie work all hours to solve the crime, with the help of the children. As they close in on the culprit, he leads them on a life or death chase - does his third victim survive?

‘Murder Times Three?’ is the first in a series of Inspector Augustine novels. If you enjoy this one, be sure to look out for others.


About the Author -

Mary Helen Farr lives in Tasmania, Australia, with her husband Andrew. Her three children and three grandchildren live close by. Nurturing a love of writing that began as a child, she published her first novel in 2013. Now retired, she has time to indulge her imagination, setting many of her stories to the backdrop of this beautiful, picturesque State.


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