Motherhood in the Raw
Motherhood in the Raw

Motherhood in the Raw


Megan DeGee

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Pregnant and alone, Megan de Gee had to decide whether to leave her partying lifestyle and enter the unknown world of motherhood. In making her choice, she discovered that no one tells you the unfiltered truth about pregnancy and childbirth, and just how much life can change as lovers become parents.

Motherhood in the Raw exposes the sometimes ugly reality of pregnancy, childbirth, and new parenthood. From a traumatic pregnancy and labour to a partner who experienced Post Natal Depression, Megan bares her truth. Motherhood in the Raw also provides expert medical information about what can happen and where to go for help. The pressures of having a baby while trying to keep a relationship, a household and a job saw Megan and her partner struggle to cope. Ultimately though, Megan reveals the all-encompassing feelings of love and joy that have made her journey worthwhile.


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