Maiden of Midnight

Maiden of Midnight


Kelsey Batchelor

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Destiny Delance, a possessed fifteen-year-old assassin and thief, has only one goal in life: to cause as much mischief as possible.

Which is considerably easy in Ordeallan – the city whose streets she stalks at night.  But when Zeella Maladur – a Lord of Hell, Sin of Lust, and the Prince of Ordeallan – kills a friend of hers, she’s stuck on his tail, where she discovers his grand plan: to take control of the Dimension and rule it with fellow Sins – including Lilith, the mother of all Demons, who has an even grander plan: to find the Garden of Eden and take over every dimension.

She has two choices: to ignore him and hope he doesn’t disturb her own plans; or to destroy him and save the Dimension – not something mentioned in her grand plan.

But the discovery of her parents, who abandoned her as a child, spins her off track, allowing Zeella to gain a one-up on her by unleashing a large army of Demons into the Dimension. If she wants to save her world, and her reputation, she’ll have to travel back in time to the Garden of Eden and prevent Demons from being created – including herself. She comes to yet another crossroad; watch the world burn, or end herself and her brethren.


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