Love is More Than All
Love is More Than All

Love is More Than All


Shirley Koers

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This book by Shirley Koers is witness to what she would call an ordinary life, but which is extraordinary in its difference.

While written for herself as completion of unfinished business, it will appeal to all who know they do not need an appointment to get in touch with God! From an interesting beginning in British India during the country’s colonial past to citizenship in Australia and a decade in New Zealand, Shirley’s life reflects her faith and commitment. All believers, Christian or otherwise, will identify with her.

Though the Catholic Church today has a tarnished image, it became the periphery of Shirley’s life through the wonderful kindness of the nuns at boarding school who nurtured her through her most formative years, and the marvellous priests who were always there to help when needed. A good education for this world and the next counterbalanced her orphan status and became the foundation-stone of her life.

This is Shirley’s second book. Like her first, which dealt with early widowhood within two years of marriage, this one uses memoir as the basis for some of her deepest reflections. Love anchored in God and out-streamed to the world is the heritage of all people. This book is a Magnificat of gratitude.