Living With Miracles
Living With Miracles

Living With Miracles


Reema Abdelkarim

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A memoir about family, loss and what it means to never lose hope.


Reema was on a journey of self-discovery when she migrated to Australia with her family in the late 70s. Although she had no memory of her birth country, her early years were spent trying to find her identity within Australian society. After being the subject of endless bullying during her school years, she unexpectedly finds love during her trip to Egypt.


Unbeknownst to Reema, a life filled with pain and heartache awaited her.


Shortly after her twentieth birthday, she went through the traumatic birth of her daughter who had a rare condition that was unfamiliar to doctors. Amidst this young mother’s grief, she found herself fighting against an unrelenting medical system and a society which didn’t understand what it took to care for special needs children. Just when she thought she couldn’t endure more suffering, she was wrong.

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