Learn the ABC’s with Ricardo Reading Mouse

Learn the ABC’s with Ricardo Reading Mouse


'Hosanna' Triumphant Shout Children

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Learn the ABC’s with Ricardo Reading Mouse®:

26 Letters of the English Alphabet Full Colour A-Z Picture Book

Children will love learning their ABC’s with this beautiful new book. It has delightful, engaging illustrations, characterised uppercase and lowercase letters, easy to read simple page layout and print which all make this new resource a must have for any local library, early childhood classroom or home schooling family in the world!!

Phonics-based learning is richly supported with much research of its importance as a foundation when learning to read. This book introduces children to the alphabet letter name and initial letter-sound association that each letter in the English Alphabet makes. This audio-visual link is vital for children when also learning to write and spell.

With one letter to a page, a characterised letter represents both the capital or uppercase letter and small or lowercase letter. Two beautiful, vibrant pictures per letter begin with the initial sound each letter makes. All 52 pictures have been uniquely designed and created especially for Learning with Ricardo Reading Mouse® resources so you won’t see them anywhere else.

It’s A4 full colour size in durable paper stock will ensure years of repeated use for little fingers. Perfect for your classroom book corner or home borrowing library book program.

Children will enjoy having this book read to them over and over and/or learning to read it themselves.

About the author

Melissa Savonoff – Paediatric Occupational Therapist, happily married mother of 5 and Founder/CEO of ‘Hosanna’ Triumphant Shout Children Pty Ltd – Australian owned and operated. Ricardo Reading Mouse, his character and RRM logo are all registered trademarks.

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Format: Saddle-stitch
Dimensions: A4 (210 x 297 mm)
Pages: 28 pgs