Last Guardian
Last Guardian

Last Guardian


Anita Pendreigh

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The Major Arcana, ruling body of the magical world, want Chesterford to adopt a new Magister. 


Indigo Kane is violently opposed to the notion. After all, they have a perfectly good one, even if he isn’t there with them right now.

She knows with every fibre of her being that Taine is alive; she just can’t explain how.
Indy wants him back and she will break every rule to make that happen, but first she has to get into the magical world.

Along the way she meets Were-beasts and Fae, handsome mages and Small Gods. Not all of them are friendly, and some would be happy to see her fail.

In order to succeed she is going to have to be a lot less Indy and play nice instead – a task that might be harder than bringing the Magister home.


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Format: Paperback
Dimensions: US Trade (152mm x 228mm)
Pages: 350pgs

The sequel to Dark Conduits