Kanga: The Trials and Triumphs of Ian Cairns Volume II
Kanga: The Trials and Triumphs of Ian Cairns Volume II

Kanga: The Trials and Triumphs of Ian Cairns Volume II


Wayne Murphy & Ian Cairns

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I will never forget seeing Kanga from the water taking these monstrous waves at Haleiwa, driving so hard off the bottom, then laying these huge snaps and carves. He was operating on a totally elevated level where nobody could come near him. – Mark Richards, world champion.
Police cars were getting smashed, there was stuff on fire, cops were everywhere and people were going mad. Ian’s quick thinking prevented thousands of innocent people from getting caught up in all the heavy shit happening behind us – Rabbit Bartholomew, world champion.

Randy Rarick called me a surfing Czar. I thought that was a pretty good metaphor. But if I was a Czar, then he should have called Ian Cairns a Bolshevik – Fred Hemmings, world champion and IPS founder.

Ian Cairns made a huge mistake by backing Graham Cassidy in moving the world tour to finish in Australia. Fred Hemmings wasn’t going to take that lying down. It was war then – Randy Rarick, Hawaiian event director.

Our strike against Fred’s IPS was the dawn of a new era, a turning point that has been lost in the mists of history, which is unfortunate because that was a fundamental moment. Ian Cairns was at the helm. We stood together with him like men – Shaun Tomson, world champion.

My decision to boycott South Africa shocked a lot of people. Ian couldn’t make sense of it. I was in there for the long haul with that one. There was no way I was backing down – Tom Carroll, world champion.

Ian and the guys at Bluetorch thought they were going to be the next big kingpins in the world of multi-media and action sports. They blew 40 million bucks on that thing. It certainly didn’t help his cause further down the road – Peter Townend, world champion.

I love a lowdown arrogant rebel bastard, especially one that rode out of the West with such fire in his belly. He’ll hate these words, but Kanga, you’re an inspiration! Long may you glare – Phil Jarratt, author.

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