Just Breathe
Just Breathe

Just Breathe


Barbara Utley

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Amber Hartley is a young woman faced with many challenges at one of the most fragile times of her life.

Dealing with loss, whilst balancing school life and relationships, unlocking the key to her past, to find present answers so that she can trust, learn to forgive other’s and embrace how it feels to finally forgive herself, through bravery.

Fighting for what it right, standing up against all odds, Amber resembles everything we hope to do but often do not.

Sensitively touching on the restrictions of anxiety, self -evaluation and family secrets, woven around the lives of high school students.

Amber takes you through a journey you may be travelling right now, encouraging you each step of the way. It’s a bumpy road, and panic is on the rise, but what will be, will be.




US Trade (152mm x 228mm)
222 pages
Perfect Bound