Joy: Walking Out of the Shadows
Joy: Walking Out of the Shadows

Joy: Walking Out of the Shadows


Anne M. Davey

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This story is written to touch the hearts of those who read it.
It is based on Anne’s story and written with the heart to touch
others and see them set free to walk out of their own shadows.

It begins with a bright, bubbly little girl who – due to the trauma
that comes into her life – is locked up from the early ages of three
and five. This is an incredibly brave journey of a young girl’s travels,
as she followed her heart seeking to escape from the shadows of
her past. Searching and eventually finding the one true love that
has set her free and transformed her life. Know the truth and the
truth will set you free is something Anne lives by in her daily life.
Sometimes it takes great courage to break through the barriers of
fear in our lives, but it’s worth it, and you too can do it, to find
and walk in the plan and purpose for which you were created.

Covering many aspects of the journey to healing and
freedom which Anne has walked, the journey progresses
into a place of JOY: Walking Out of the Shadows!

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