Jesus in Revelation
Jesus in Revelation

Jesus in Revelation


Wayne Vincent

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Many readers of the Bible avoid the Book of Revelation, thinking that it is too difficult to understand. 

I began reading this mysterious book in earnest and in the process began a verse by verse study of the Scriptures. I was amazed to discover how inter-related all of Scripture is and how many Old Testament Scriptures help shed light on this often baffling book. 

I am not an academically recognized theologian. I am simply a believer who loves the Word of God and has found in the reading of this amazing book that at its heart is the revelation of Jesus Christ himself. He is the author and subject of this wonderful revelation. 

I hope that you will find in the reading of this commentary that the eyes of your heart will be opened wide to the majesty, glory and authority of Almighty God and Jesus His Christ. 

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