Jealousy Kills
Jealousy Kills

Jealousy Kills



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Life as a teenager was great. I had my friends. I did well in school. I had a great future ahead of me. But one moment in my life made things more memorable than ever before. This is my story and how my life came to be unforgettable. I am a survivor.

Being a teenager should be fun right? You go through those important years thinking nothing could go wrong. Some girls think the worst thing in high school is getting dumped by their boyfriend, public humiliation. For me it was losing all my friends in the most horrific way possible. Being on the cover of every news story and the talk of the town, for years to come. Life as a teenager after that was traumatic to say the least. Some people leave high school and look towards a better future. I stayed trapped in the past trying to find answers. 


CONTENT WARNING: This book discusses sensitive topics and readers should be advised of triggers. This fiction novel contains distressing content that may upset some readers and discretion is advised  as certain topics include suicide, murder, abuse of a minor and drug and alcohol abuse.