Jacob Shaw and The Hunted
Jacob Shaw and The Hunted

Jacob Shaw and The Hunted


Anthony J Angwin

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Jacob Shaw just wants to be free of his seizures. To live a life without fear. So when a new brain implant offers a cure as well as the chance to finally enter the virtual world Gecko Earth, nothing can stop him. Not the cryptic warning his brother left for him before he died. And certainly not the wild claims of danger from Georgia Collins, who everyone says is nuts.

On Gecko Earth, Jacob finds himself embracing a world more diverse than he ever dreamed. Dragon training at the Sanctuary. Home ownership at Elysium. School history lessons in the middle ages. However, Jacob soon discovers a darker side to Gecko Earth, one that raises questions not only about his own safety, but about his brother's death. When his search for the truth goes horribly wrong, he must convince not-so-crazy-after-all Georgia to join forces and confront the evil lurking on Gecko Earth, even if it costs him his life. It's a risk Jacob is willing to take, because his brother was right all along. Without fear, there's no courage.

About the author

Anthony Angwin grew up in Brisbane, Australia. He has always loved reading books, especially science fiction/fantasy. His fascination with technology and the human brain (and dragons!) led him to write Jacob Shaw and The Hunted – the first of what he hopes will be many more!

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