In the Dragon's Shadow
In the Dragon's Shadow

In the Dragon's Shadow


Rufin De Villiers

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This place was familiar, in a way, somewhat recognisable but still as abnormal as it always was. The white tree in the middle of the lake glowed brightly, the water ethereal but solid as he walked over it. In the tree, on one of the branches, sat a figure cloaked in darkness. The dark consumed and nullified the light. It was difficult to make out what it was, but it was monstrous.
Large wings erupted from the back of the dark figure. A tail uncoiled itself and writhed between the branches.
The dark figure scowled down at him. When it spoke, the very air seemed to quake and shiver with each word. “This was not the path I had chosen. It was picked for me, and I was forced to walk down its narrow line. It is not something I will accept; it is not something I will submit to. I will fight it, and I will overcome it. What will you do?”


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