I'm Rich, Now What?
I'm Rich, Now What?

I'm Rich, Now What?


Ben London

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Fear is the high-octane fuel of self-doubt. 

Imagine if you could control and manage your fears and had the courage to pull the trigger and take action on your dreams. That, my friends, is exactly why I’ve spent the past four years putting this book together, to give you the tools that have worked for me to build multimillion-dollar businesses and create a life I could have only dreamed of.

In each chapter of this book, I will give you the tools that will help you escape the unhappiness of uncertainty and move forward with your life confidently, without fear of judgment or failure.

I know it can be daunting and honestly, life-changing decisions are not for the fainthearted. But the whole purpose for me in writing this book is to show you that it’s possible to embrace inevitable anxiety, depression and financial struggles and use them as opportunities to be better.

“Viciously honest for our own good. London pares back the self-imposed barriers to the lives we imagine for ourselves. A must-read for anyone not yet where they want to be.”
- Dr Daniel Donner, PhD

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