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Hidden From View


Gill D. Anderson

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Tommy has a warped rationale for his despicable behaviour towards women. He was born without a conscience and remorse is an alien concept. Will he ever find out the truth about the past that shaped who he really is?

Cassie refuses to live up to the expectations of her family, instead choosing to have fun with her flat mates and go home with various deviant men.

Her best friend, Lisette, on the other hand, just wants a quiet predictable life with her steady boyfriend Jarred. But can Lisette find a way to fix their mediocre love life?

Police Sergeant Lynn Gough knows exactly what she wants – and that’s her childhood crush Pete. The only thing getting in the way is his fiancée, Tamika. Lynn knows about Tamika’s dirty secrets however, and will stop at nothing to get rid of her.

Rita wants children, but her husband Lewis is not so sure. Rita’s traumatic childhood continues to impact her relationships as an adult. While she battles with her inner demons, Lewis finds other ways of occupying his time. Will Rita learn to address the past to save her future?

Explore how sex, lies and love impact our complex web of relationships, and discover how deeply our choices can impact others.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews
Elsie Cook
Raw and edgy

I found a copy of Gill's book at the resort I was staying at on holiday. Intrigued, I looked her up and saw that she does regular give aways whilst traveling. She sounded like a cook chick so I gave Hidden from View a read. Not being much of a reader I thought Id end up putting it to one side , but instead I devoured it in 2 days.

This is a real edgy and raw story , set in Edinburgh then Adelaide and is based on a bunch of deviant people with various wants and needs. There is sex, violence and a bit of trauma but the message is empowering... you can take control and get your life back and not be defined by your past. The choice is yours to make.

It left me thinking long after I put it down and I know I need to read another of Gills books.

The author is witty, sassy, unabashed and not afraid to take you to the darkest corners of her characters minds. Amazing!

Lori Brown
A real eye opener!

Wow! I did not know half of this stuff goes on in Adelaide! But its fascinating to get the insight into all those devious people who end up being connected without realising it. I ended up buying and bingeing on Gill's other 3 books too!

Brodie Buethke

Enthralling could not put it down. Amazing twists and turns and suspense. If you like Irvine Welsh, Charles Bukowski and Hunter S Thompson and the like you'll love Hidden From View.

Charmaine G
Hidden from View

Wow! I was given this book as a gift and had never heard of the title or the author.... but so glad I dived straight in to read all about the seedy side of Adelaide! Not for the easily offended, this book does not hold back with the brutally honest look into family dysfunction and dirty secrets. This racy drama also contains references to abuse, sex and violence. It was no surprise to learn that Gill D Anderson is a child protection social worker in her day job. This is a tantalising yet horrifying read that will keep you reading on even if you think you shouldnt.... (Does contain trigger warnings).

Colin S

A great look at the seedy side of Adelaide. Confronting and maybe offensive for some yet fascinating for others. Dont read if easily disturbed. Personally I think it takes great talent to intertwine characters like this and I have no doubt that all of these shenanigans go on in real life.
It made me read the next 3 books so it worked for me.