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Diana Denham

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In a desperate attempt to be the best detective in Europe, Icelandic detective Grímur investigates the strange goings on surrounding mad man/German scientist, Hubert Vondouche.

Grímur accidentally notices Hubert’s suspicious movements (not hard in Lefgschultzeimvík, population 1,500 including livestock). He never dresses in anything but his white lab coat and a so-called time hat, which can only mean he is hiding a bomb under there. He takes so many things into his tiny little house that it hardly seems possible they are all able to fit. An underground tunnel, leading to the German elites secretly plotting to take over peaceful Iceland, perhaps? Yes, that must be it. There is no other logical explanation. There are more examples, but you will see for yourself soon enough.

Hubert Vondouche will not stop until he has proved that time does not exist. Hubert and his beautiful Danish wife, Erna, moved to Iceland so he could continue his greatest work – a project ironically called the Time Machine.

It’s very hard to work in secrecy, though. Everyone is a suspected spy, aside from Erna. Perhaps members of some sort of time organization are trying to stop him from revealing the truth! Hubert believes himself to be from the “future,” of sorts … I will not bore you with all the mathematic and scientific details – consider it a stroke of genius, for simplicity’s sake.


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