Her Poison Burns
Her Poison Burns

Her Poison Burns


Leyla Camilleri

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“Chelsea had a smile on her face, her neck hanging
to the left; the skin both stretched and sagging.
Staring into nothing, her eyes had vanished. Blood
tunnels left in their wake, bugs and worms crawling
vigorously. Dangling beside her, Chelsea’s boyfriend
had an expression not as kind, if you could believe
that. His eyes were stitched shut with rusted metal
staples; mouth gaping wide and no teeth in sight.
Jaw ripped open as wide as a snake, it’s as if he
were still screaming. The now multi-coloured pus
drying around his flesh, already beginning to rot.”
My name is Dexter Handfold.
Welcome to my very own personal hell.

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Size: 127mm x 198mm
Page Count: 168
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