Heaven's Journal
Heaven's Journal

Heaven's Journal


Janet Elizabeth

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This beautiful journal is filled with heart-warming verses and scripture with ample room for your own conversations with God. Special places for your own prayers are sprinkled throughout the journal and all are presented with a gorgeous background depicting meadow flowers in bloom.

Spending time in God’s presence is such a privilege, and no matter how long you spend each day, its purpose is to soothe the soul, raise the spirit and deepen your relationship with Him.

Journaling connects your thoughts, ideas, questions, praises, celebrations, and heartfelt prayer. God already knows what you need and what is on your mind, but He loves to read your words. Be still and soak in His presence. Let the world go for a brief time as you sit with Him and write.

Janet Elizabeth lives in South Brisbane with her husband of 30 years. Jan’s first book Heaven is all about Him is an inspired collection of poetry. Each individual poem was written as she sat and journaled for an hour every morning over a period of seven years. The inspiration for this journal for others to write in, came from that experience.

Heaven’s Journal contains verses from the poems mixed with scriptures that will speak individually to each reader. Jan is excited to release this journal and her prayer is that whatever God has for each and every one of you, will be revealed as you write.


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Format: Hardcover with spiral 
Dimensions: 140 x 210mm
Pages: 114 pgs