Happy Father's Day
Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day


Lee J. Mavin

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Some Dads are big,
Some Dads are small,
Some Dads build up walls around them
to keep out monster memories that haunt them. 
Dad looked sad when he looked at the photo.
His son asked, "Why don't you ever cry Daddy?"
Dad replied, "Because my Dad taught me,
boys don't cry, and I can't forget it."
Find out why Dad is sad
and how Dads hide their sadness deep inside.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Riturupa Das
Heart touching book

It is a heart-touching book which consists of a sweet conversation (in poetry form) between a father and his son.
The conversation highlights the role of a father and how society expects them to behave.
The society expects that every man must be strong, courageous, independent, rich, intelligent, less expressive, etc. A man is not allowed to cry or even show some anger. And these expectations present problems for men.

❤️The book is full of colourful illustrations and they are capable of holding the interest of the children and does not let them lose interest.
❤️This book is well-written and the presentation is superb.
❤️The writing style of the author is excellent and engaging, allowing young readers to follow along easily.
❤️The narration is well paced.
❤️Language is easy and simple to understand.
❤️The cover page of the book is attractive and the title goes with the content.

This book is certainly worth the buy and worth the read. I feel it is a must-read book for everyone. I absolutely loved the book and would love to go through the future works of the author. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

Sarah Klien
A wonderful book for kids and adults

I really enjoy reading Happy Fathers Day by Lee J Mavin with my son. I can tell he understands the deeper meaning of opening up and being sensitive for young boys and their fathers. I think the main theme is about dealing with male stereotypes in both a funny and serious way. I feel there aren't enough books with themes like this, so it is needed in the mainstream childhood reading cannon.

Mario Chinwa
A wonderful book for children and parents

Happy Fathers Day is a wonderful and touching book. It is simply told through a sweet poem and at first seems funny a light hearted. As the story progresses, it deals with issues such as the social expectations of men and Dads. I found it very emotional and original it is vital to read to children to teach them that boys should be allowed to cry and so should Dads.

Mario Chinwa
Happy Father's Day (a book for parents and children)

Happy Father's Day is a fantastic new book that is touching and meaningful. It is simple and it makes you think about the social expectations of men and in particular fathers and how they pass on these expectations to their sons. For example, the crying of men