Gullible's Travels - A Tale of a Few Countries

Gullible's Travels - A Tale of a Few Countries


Bernard McConville

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Money stolen, clothes stolen, and many other scams and a train ride from absolute hell in one of the poorest countries on Earth – these are just some of the things that could easily await any would-be globe trotter who dares to follow a dream of seeing the world.
But it’s certainly not all doom and gloom, as my experiences of two decades ago at precisely the turn of the new century and millennium can attest to.
There is also the freedom of getting up each day with nothing other than a backpack of belongings to take with you, and not knowing where the road will take you, what people you will meet along the way or where you will end up.
Above all, there is the sheer joy and satisfaction of learning to speak all over again, just like in early childhood, only this time as a grown-up – via a completely new language, spending an extended period away from your own mother culture where people do not live the way of life you have always previously taken for granted.

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