Growing Up With Adventure
Growing Up With Adventure

Growing Up With Adventure


Lyndon Hawkes

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I was born in 1947 in Port Moresby, the largest town in Papua New Guinea. It was then a territory of Australia, so I was born an Australian citizen. Growing up, I was part of three diverse cultures – that of my Australian parents, the local culture of Papua New Guinea, and the church mission culture.

Although I began my life in the primitive tribal culture, with all its traditions, wisdom, and skills, I still grew up in my parents’ home and was influenced by their Australian customs and values. As a young child playing with national children, I quickly picked up Pidgin and it was my primary language until I was eight or nine years old. The other major influence in my life was the church mission, which had its own mixed traditions and endeavors.

My earliest years were spent on the Papuan Coast, the Highlands of New Guinea, and on Pitcairn Island. When we moved to Australia during my final years of primary school, culture shock set in. In the city, everything moved in the fast lane – cars, trains, shopping. It was all new to me. Our family moved back to Rabaul, New Guinea, for another seven years. There I completed my apprenticeship in auto-electrics.

Finally, I decided to move back to Australia to take up a job as an auto-electrician. Because of work and family responsibilities, I have remained in Australia, but I still dream about the freedom and adventures I had all those years ago.


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