Good Girls Do Sell
Good Girls Do Sell

Good Girls Do Sell


Janeen Vosper

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The fact is…women account for the majority of the newly self-employed and whether you think so or not, you need to become the sales person in your business when you decide to go it alone.

If you feel challenged by the thought of doing this, then Good Girls do Sell will provide you with the methods to overcome your selling reluctance. This book is invaluable for all the entrepreneurs who desire the success and want the know-how to build their business using authentic selling techniques.

Find out why…
• Sales scripts aren’t authentic and don’t work
• Customers who get what they want are willing to pay more
• Your perception will influence the entire sales process

Imagine how empowered you’ll feel when you are confident and brave in every sales exchange. By following the steps in this book, you will find out how.

“There is so much more to learn from Janeen about selling and about life in general. She has a mountain of knowledge and wisdom. She has such an amazing understanding of what makes people ‘tick’.”

- Wendy De Beer, Owner, Minute Man Print

“Not only did I learn the real reason behind my fear in selling, but how to actually get excited about it. I now have a much greater appreciation of exactly who my client is and what approach works best for them.”

- Nadine Beveridge, Director, Open Home Specialists

About the Author
Janeen Vosper she has the runs on the board and knows the processes described in Good Girls do Sell work.

Having coached high performing, commissioned-based sales teams, Janeen knows exactly what it takes to inspire top results. She was instrumental in the expansion of a multi-million dollar business by applying the authentic selling techniques you will read about in this book.