Going For Gold… Living Your Personal Best
Going For Gold… Living Your Personal Best

Going For Gold… Living Your Personal Best


Eric Bailey

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How are you doing in the game of life? What are you doing to improve yourself and achieve your personal best?

In this book, Motivational Speaker, CSP and Author Eric Bailey offer real-life advice on how to sharpen your mind to develop the best version of yourself. Starting by getting in the game, this page-turning book is what you need to model your attitude, align your perspectives and commit to putting up a plan of action to transform your vision into reality with dedication and continual improvement.

In the game of life, champions are not born overnight. They are created through a lifelong commitment to self-improvement. Having affected the lives of over 4.5 million people with his engagements, Eric Bailey is ready to take you on a journey of self-growth and change, guiding you on how to keep your eye on the prize, the Do x Don’t attitude, to attach your passion, energy and emotions to your goals and dreams, equipping yourself with tools to eliminate distractions and go for the gold.

What are you doing today to move your mission forward? How do you handle negativity and the challenges you face in your life? When you feel that your life is already throwing curveballs at you, you need to focus on doing everything you can to remain balanced. By diving into this book, you are taking the first step towards your personal success.


“When you discover your dreams, you will also discover your ability.” —Eric Bailey