Fun in the Clouds

Fun in the Clouds


Janet Pattison

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Ever wondered what goes on way up high in the sky?

“When I’m sick in bed and can’t go out to play, I simply use my imagination to give me a happy day.”

Come fly up in the sky with me and meet my friends Emmie Emu, Kooky Kookaburra, Wally-Woo Wallaby, and Koa Koala. Join in on all our fun and games as we play up in the clouds for a day.

“What shapes can you see in the clouds?”

Fun Up in the Clouds takes you on an exciting and fun-filled rhyming adventure, nourishing and inspiring the blossoming imagination of your little ones. This enjoyable read encourages young readers to contemplate the marvellous world around them in a fun and creative way.

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