From Dusk

From Dusk


M. G. Ryan

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The Vampire Hunter Prophecy series

Book One: From Dusk

Book Two: To Dawn

Eighteen year old Lexi O’Connor is about to leave behind all she knows; her career-soldier father and the home she shares with her Aunt Claire, to travel to Scotland and discover her family’s heritage.

While exploring the historical city of Edinburgh, Lexi is attacked. Extremely shaken by the experience she flees; finding sanctuary in the small country town of Dunkeld, where she takes solitude in the local cathedral and meets the endearing Jack, who introduces Lexi to the local priest.

Upon meeting Lexi, Father Michael believes that she is part of an old church prophecy and informs her of the part he believes she plays in it. Lexi is bewildered by what she has been told and is unsure of what to believe.

Does she stay and fulfil her part in the prophecy or does she run away from her destiny?


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Divine Zape

Customer review

The story starts with a powerful hook and the reader senses that something is at stake. The prologue opens with an interesting, witty dialogue that culminates with the protagonist being attacked by a vampire, and at this point, the reader won’t want to put the book down as they already have questions for which they need answers: what will happen to the protagonist? Who is the guy who attacked her? But this is just the beginning of a roller coaster ride. The writing in From Dusk: The Vampire Hunter Prophecy is excellent, and it is enriched by the masterful use of witty dialogue and vivid descriptions. Michelle Ryan’s characters are well conceived and solid. The author knows how to use detailed descriptions without sacrificing the plot, which is gripping.

Samuel Colbran
Customer review

An overall feeling of the book, I enjoyed the novel itself, but the last third was I say my most favourite part. It follows a hero’s journey but had elements of romance and discovery of oneself.
I read one review that is was like Twilight, as I have read that series, I can tell you it is far from that type of story. Some elements are similar, wolves and vampires but it concentrates on a prophecy about a vampire hunter. The Lore of the Vampires was more like Anne Rice than Stephenie Meyer. There are some issues of flow at the beginning of the book, but once you move past that, the story was painful to put down.
I would highly recommend From Dusk. Aside from the pace at the start, the book flowed and showed what knowing the path and walking it means.

Kathryn Berryman
Customer review

In 'From Dusk: The Vampire Hunter Prophecy', MG Ryan weaves a gripping tale of a young girl on the verge of womanhood looking for her place in the world.
Lexie, fresh from finishing high school travels to Scotland where she aims to discover her family's heritage. A terrifying and life-changing experience in Edinburgh leads Lexie to find sanctuary in the village of Dunkeld where she learns of her part to play in an ancient prophecy. But, will she stay to face the prophecy and fulfill her destiny with Jack her soul-mate, or will she run?
I recommend 'From Dusk' as I really enjoyed reading it and I'm eagerly looking forward to the sequel coming out soon!

Jack Magnus
Customer review

Michelle Ryan's young adult contemporary paranormal fantasy, From Dusk: The Vampire Hunter Prophecy, is an exciting and fast-paced story that's filled with action and the unexpected. Lexi is a finely drawn character who finds her vacation has become a lot more than that. She discovers her life's purpose, an odd and really quite unbelievable one, but she's ready for whatever life throws at her. Ryan's writing is smooth and fluid, and her plot is solid and convincing. While there is an abundance of vampire/shifter fantasies around, this author has come up with an original take on the time-honored tradition of vampire hunters, and it works quite well. From Dusk: The Vampire Hunter Prophecy is highly recommended.

Lit Amri
Customer review

I like the concept of ‘Protector’ and ‘Prophet’ that have been instilled in the classic vampire theme. The story pace is appropriate; it’s not too fast nor too slow, which is fitting for the first installment of the series as we are getting to know Lexi, Jack, Corey and other characters, as well as the history of the vampire hunters. Due to this aspect, it’s not as action packed as I expected it to be. On the other hand, I’m sure that the plot would be more vigorous and there would be more character development in the next book. There’s room for improvement for the narrative, but overall it’s good and kept my interest from start to finish. While I personally find that this story perfectly suits the YA demographic, it also has a mature tone that can be appreciated by older readers. On the whole, this is a good debut from Ryan.