Finding Me
Finding Me

Finding Me


Sandy Gilchrist

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It’s been two years since Ava Jackson’s world was turned upside down from one almost-kiss. When her mother walked in and interrupted Ava’s first kiss with a girl, she threw her out of the house.

Disowned by her mother, Ava Jackson now has a chance at a fresh start in a different city with her best friend, Emily. Ava shyly navigates the new world unfolding before her as she slowly comes out of her shell. Inexperienced and unsure, Ava faces her biggest challenge when the charming Isabel Montgomery unexpectedly walks into her life.

Can Ava make a new life for herself and finally feel accepted for who she is? Will she ever be able to reconcile with her mother? 

Finding Me is a touching coming-of-age story that explores self-identity, sexual awakening, and the ups and downs that love brings. In her novel, Sandy Gilchrist explores the often-challenging experience of coming out to family and friends. As well as illustrating the difficulties that can arise, she also celebrates the joy that comes from being your true self.


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Format: Paperback
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