Finding a Way Forward
Finding a Way Forward

Finding a Way Forward


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Leaving work early with a throbbing headache, Natalie arrives home to find her husband Scott and her best friend Anna in bed together. Her happy, carefree existence comes to a grinding halt.

Humiliated and betrayed by the two people closest to her, Natalie moves out of the family home into a small flat. She becomes more and more withdrawn and depressed. Her children finally convince her to go ahead with the trip to France that she had been planning, believing it will bring back her passion for life.

Arriving in Lyon alone, Natalie forms an unlikely friendship with an American woman and they embark on an exciting road trip through France.

Back in Australia, Scott is devastated, having lost the love of his life and the trust of his children. Anna endures a tumultuous journey of her own as she struggles to forgive herself for the chaos she has caused.

Will Natalie forgive Scott and return to Australia to save their marriage?

Or will Christian, the charming Frenchman, steal her heart?


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