Lisa Rogers

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How do you find happiness?
How do you feel love?

Laura was struggling. She was battling an internal fight of unhappiness and despair. A successful working mum and wife to the external world but her internal world was so different. No one knew her struggles and torment and how she was just going through the motions of life without happiness or love.

Working as a palliative care nurse, Laura was familiar with hardship and death. She shared her patients’ secrets and heartache, and she shared in their death as well as their life. She prayed for help, for something or someone to save her from her torturous inner battle and empty existence.

With the help of her dying patients, Laura undertakes a confronting journey of self-discovery, searching her soul to find herself. She crosses the vortex between life and death, falling into experiences that blow her mind and shatter her beliefs.


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