Exploring the Wonders of Healing through Forgiveness
Exploring the Wonders of Healing through Forgiveness

Exploring the Wonders of Healing through Forgiveness


Robert A. Hobbs

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I truly believe that our world needs a salvager – a book of information that is perhaps not easy to accomplish, but easy to digest and easy to follow. To create change across the country – across the world in fact – we need a broad acceptance and willingness to act in an affirmative way.

What we need is an understanding of the pathway to forgiveness and a willingness to utilise it. Forgiveness can lead to great change if followed by enough people. You may believe that this is too hard. It would mean quite a change for some, and to change a person's attitude may be difficult. But forgiveness is achievable and worthwhile.

World change can be made by just a few people at a time. So, let us try – you and I together.

Robert A Hobbs


Reviewed by Marta Tandori for Readers Favourite

Forgiveness is a powerful tool, according to author Robert A Hobbs in this motivational work of non fiction entitled Exploring the Wonders of Healing through Forgiveness. Hobbs states that one of the biggest lessons we must learn is tolerance because, without it, we cannot move on to understanding, acceptance and forgiveness. We must tolerate the good but not the destructive behaviours; we must sow the seed of peace because peace brings with it harmony and balance. This book promises to be a soothing balm to many.

Reviewed by Kibetious for Online Book Club

Exploring the Wonders of Healing through Forgiveness was authored by Robert a Hobbs, the author emphasizes tolerance, uncompromising honesty, and individual responsibility as fundamental prerequisites for genuine forgiveness. We have all at one point in time wronged someone unknowingly or knowing. The author therefore, asserts it would be cheating to condemn others and excuse ourselves. This is one of the lessons that I liked most in the book. I also enjoyed the fact that the author included many quotations from notable people in the book. There is nothing I did not like about the book.
There are many remarkable lessons to be learned about forgiveness. For example, the author writes that forgiveness, kindness understanding and tolerance are all choices meant to positively enhance one's life and the lives of others. I sincerely believe everyone will be left with a great deal to think about after reading this book.