Destination - Better Health

Destination - Better Health


Gerry Couzens

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Do you find exercise boring?

Don’t give up!

Author Gerry Couzens has always led a normal, busy, and relatively healthy life. However, at age 71 he started having chest pain – the cause was a partially blocked artery. After his operation, Gerry’s doctor insisted that he exercise more.

Gerry knew walking daily was the easiest way to incorporate exercise into his life – but walking is boring. So Gerry set his sights on achieving something big – a 3,400 km walk, from Brisbane to Darwin.

Walking the streets in his neighbourhood every day, Gerry used Google Maps to track his Destination – Darwin walk from town to town as he racked up the kilometres.

Four years, four pairs of runners, and 3,420 kilometres later, Gerry achieved his goal. Now he wants to share this motivational tool with you.


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