Daughter of Darkness - Part 1
Daughter of Darkness - Part 1

Daughter of Darkness - Part 1


Kelsey Batchelor

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Desterium is still hunting Seth

Her devotion to her father, and the court she rules over, will not be sidetracked, not even by the Faeries who continue to hunt her down. But the four cities are uniting against her, determined to stop her from finding the third and final Sacred, and opening the Paradoxin Rift. With war building, Desterium will have to build her allies, her army and her strength to lead if she wants to survive, and fulfil her father’s life goal; Breaking Lilith’s curse...

The two of them will face Hell. It’s up to them to decide whether it breaks them. Seth must decide what to think of the Princess of Hell. A brutal, destructive creature, Destiny Maladur is certainly a threat to Seth’s well-being, both physically and mentally, but the connection continues to draw him closer, despite the warnings of his friends, and he wants to know the truth. Why does the beautiful Princess of Hell act like she’s unbreakable in public, but cry when she’s alone? And why does she avoid all mention of her mother, despite her being a key part in her plan to end the world?

Seth is determined to know the truth, even if it brings war, and breaks his heart


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