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Dasia Stories

Dasia Stories


Natasha Buirski

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Dasia Stories will enthrall both grown-ups and kids. It’s a hybrid book, fusing short, magical stories with theme-related author memoir. 
Get to know Dasia, an awakened being, who has lived countless lifetimes in this world of duality. Her stories are designed to awaken hearts, activate imaginations, and remind people of all ages of their innate, loving natures. Each tale introduces a concept such as presence, intuition, or the infinity of love. Children can lose themselves in Dasia’s fairytale magic, and adults will find her stories both engaging and consciousness-raising.
Dasia reminds us of the potential that exists when we live a life filled with love, kindness, and gratitude. She invites us to experience our highest potential, and explore the magic that Love has in store for us!
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“I found Dasia Stories to be utterly unique and compelling. Natasha has found a way to deliver age old wisdom to children and adults alike in a way that compels and entices you to read more. Maybe she uses magic ... for the stories are, indeed, magical and mystical. They are also clear and very easy to read. As you read a story you find that you are learning a new perspective regarding Trust, or opening to Beauty in a hitherto unknown way. For me, Beauty is a state of consciousness, and in the sharing of her stories Beauty thrives among her words in a magical and transforming manner. Silence is another old friend of mine, but I had never even considered a way of explaining it that compares with the mystical insight and unique skill of Natasha. This is one of those rare books where the adult reading to their children can be fully immersed and intrigued as they trigger new insights for their own spiritual growth and development. This is a delightful book that I enthusiastically recommend.”

From Illusion to Enlightenment
Entering the Secret World of Nature


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