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When 17-year-old Harper O’Connor wakes up in a hospital bed, she doesn’t know how she got there or why.

Then suddenly it all floods back to her like a nightmare she can’t wake up from. The only problem is she is awake, and the nightmare only gets worse.

For 14 years Harper has had the gift to hear voices and see mysterious figures no one else can see.

When Harper approaches her mother about the things she sees, her mother truly believes her daughter is going insane, leaving her no choice but to send her away to Ella Moore, a boarding school for 'gifted' children like Harper.

On her first day at Ella Moore, Harper befriends an array of unusual characters. Amongst these people, she meets two boys, William and Nathaniel, who are both fighting for Harper's attention. Unbeknown to her, there is a dark reason for this.


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Format: Paperback
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