Busy Izzy's Big Book
Busy Izzy's Big Book

Busy Izzy's Big Book


Steven Gill

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Izabeena Bellington is a clever little girl with a big imagination!
Collected within this book are the first three entries in the Busy Izzy series of children’s books.

On a journey in her homemade rocketship, Izzy travels the stars to learn what’s really important in life, and finds out it may be closer to home than she thought!

When Izzy’s friend, the baby Raptor, gets taken it’s up to Izzy to get him back! How can she explain to the poachers that animals can think and feel, even if we don’t understand them?

A knight asks Izzy to help kill a dragon, but Izzy doesn’t think violence is the answer. Maybe if they learned more about the dragon they could find a better solution?

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Format: Paperback (Perfect Bound)
Dimensions: 250mm x 250mm
Pages: 70 pgs