Bringing Them Home
Bringing Them Home

Bringing Them Home


Cliff February

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An Aboriginal community unites when tragedy strikes.

What begins as an exciting adventure for two young Aboriginal boys, Roy and Mick, turns disastrous. Confusing spiritual happenings unfold before their very eyes that challenge the boys, and perhaps also the reader. An unexpected shark attack, strange purple mist, a mysterious Aboriginal family, and weird UFOs …

Roy’s main challenger for being number one (deadly) in their peer group is a boy named Jock. He faces his own challenge when he tries to tame the wildest stallion on the island – something no one has been able to do.

This story follows a group of students who grew up together, schooled together, and now face similar challenges in their isolated community. Experience their culture, upbringing, and the stories of their Elders in this touching story.

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Format: Paperback
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