Born 4 BC

Born 4 BC


Chas Gullo

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Born 4 BC

The History of Jesus Christ of Nazareth

A book on the life of Jesus Christ which walks into every major value and doctrine of Christianity.

The World's Greatest book of all time - The Bible- is packed full of different characters, stories, teachings, morals and history. The process of piecing it all together can be daunting for the first time readers and new Christians. So let's make it easy!

The path of everyone's life is punctuated by the need to make important decisions. Possibly the first decision is with regard to the particular path of education that one might choose. This is generally followed by the choice of one's career path, then the choice of a partner in marriage and the location of where you might want to live. However the most important decision is made with regard to one's eternal destiny and the decision to receive Christ into their life. This book should prove to be a great help to such a person enabling them to reorient their world view and to understand some of the implications of a life lived to please God through a vital relationship with Jesus, Son of God.