Beyond the Storm
Beyond the Storm

Beyond the Storm


David Kaden

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Beyond the Storm tells the harrowing true story of a young boy from the Southern Downs of Queensland who as a toddler, together with his five siblings, tragically lost his mother and, shortly after, lost his father under suspicious circumstances. Shrouded in mystery, secrets and hearsay, David begins to unravel the truth of his past, of how his parents really died, where his siblings ended up and, ultimately, who he was. Viscerally emotive and scattered with events and places that will enlighten and fascinate readers and local historians, Beyond the Storm brings to life Queensland landscapes and family life of generations gone by, including how WWII reached Australia. David’s laconic humour shines through and his life story hits you in the heart and opens you to the possibility that our lives are directed by a force greater than ourselves. The drama keeps coming and twists and turns make this memoir a real page turner.

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