Beneath The Surface
Beneath The Surface

Beneath The Surface


Attila e. Kaszo

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Beneath The Surface takes us on a journey through a kaleidoscope of marine ecosystems containing striking beauty and biodiversity of fauna that range from the tiniest 2 millimetres to the gigantic whales at 17 meters in length. 

Spectacular underwater panoramas, revealing glimpses of how creatures have adapted, through camouflage and colour to hunt prey and survive and flourish in a formidable and testing environment. 

Stunning colours of corals, fish and a variety of aquatic animals add to the rich tapestry of life, photographed by Attila Kaszo, one of the world’s foremost natural history photographers who among other achievements, captured the world’s first ever underwater photo of a Pelagic Thresher Shark giving birth. 

From his beginnings in 1971 he has had images published in hundreds of printed media worldwide for over 50 years. He now shares some of his favourite images in this wonderful book. 

Beneath The Surface celebrates Kaszo’s photographic vision of underwater photography seen through the lens in Australia, Philippines, Tonga and Fiji. 

Above all these photos show how delicate the balance is for all living things, below and above the water. They demand our protection. 

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330mm x 230mm

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