Baby, It's Only Natural
Baby, It's Only Natural

Baby, It's Only Natural


Talita Sheedy

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Baby, It’s Only Natural provides new mums with practical advice and up-to-date information so they can confidently introduce new foods to their baby’s diet.

With an integrated whole body approach in mind, Talita Sheedy—author, naturopath and mum—emphasises the importance of building your baby’s natural immunity and gut health and microbiome, and the prevention of food intolerances and behaviour disorders.

This book includes a week-by-week guide to introducing foods, explanation of baby-led weaning vs purees, food introduction guidelines, information about allergies and intolerances, and recipes. It also outlines how to support your baby through illness by utilising the healing power of nutrients.

By explaining the huge impact that food can have on your baby, Talita hopes to empower mums to make informed decisions early on. It is truly rewarding to be able to positively influence your baby’s future physical and emotional health.

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