Nigel Gleeson

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 Love comes in many forms;

The love of a man for his family

The love of a tyrant for power,

The love of a druid for the land

And the love of the land for life.


In a journey across many seasons, spanning aeons of time. The battle between good and evil, empathy and power, love and hate, life and death; find each other once again on a battlefield of blood and deception.

Death haunts the living across the spectrum of emotions, reaching out across time to touch each life with the past and future of their own story.

Only a few stand between life and destruction in a land tortured by greed and meddling corruption both past and present. A land held tenuously in life's failing grasp.

Ahead lays the endless conflict between power and life, of the consequences of their epic battle and the aftermath of a broken land.


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