Any Wandi
Any Wandi

Any Wandi


Susan Warbrook

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To be born a woman in the late 1800s was hard enough, but to be born a half-caste aborigine woman was double jeopardy. Add being the product of inter-racial rape, and just being alive was near criminal. 

We all start life the same, no one better than the other, with the ability to grow and love with kindness. People choos their own path, some of kindness, compassion, and empathy, and some of selfish cold-heartedness, bullying and prejudice.

Ena's story will take you to the heart of one (wandi) woman: she could be any woman or all women, She lived through the hardships and battles of a solitary existence, which were forced on her by fate. 

Merely surviving this thing called life, as people move in and out of her world, we see the ugly truth of all prejudice.

One word or action can make or break a person. If Ena's life reminds us of anything, it is that

Skin, it is just what we are wrapped in.


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