An Echo of the Ashes: Blood of the Eagle
An Echo of the Ashes: Blood of the Eagle

An Echo of the Ashes: Blood of the Eagle


Anthony Kearle

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Evalio Delrovia, Southern Grand Master of the renowned Order of Kil'kara, is dead. His final words bring tidings that cannot be ignored. Words that speak of something forever hidden that must be found. 
Kyler Landrey, the son of a lowly tavern keeper, leaves his hometown of Adrestia to seek his destiny among the order. He is greeted by a world of brotherhood and steel, before fate and the gods reveal his destiny. Honour, loyalty, and justice guide the order, yet these tenants will be tested as the hunt begins. It is time for the knights of Kil'kara to ride again.
The forest of Salvaar erupts into a bitter civil war, plunging the twelve tribes into chaos. Both sides claim innocence and the clans divide as oaths are sworn. Cailean, brother to the newly crowned chief of the Aedei, is sent forth in the hopes that old alliances are not dead. This ally comes in the form of Lukas Raynor, the reckless son of a great king.
To save the Aedei will mean crossing the dreaded Steppe of Miera.
A fool's task.
Kitara, daughter to none and outcast by all, has spent her life watching her back. Kitara has survived with her wit and talent with steel alone. After taking refuge with the distrustful Mierans she is forced to make a decision that may unshroud the mystery of her heritage. 
Lief Farrin, a well respected jarl of the Valkir, lies murdered. His daughter Astrid has sworn to uncover the killer and avenge her father. Her mind is as sharp as any warrior's sword and twice as deadly. 
Whatever they fight for... they pay the price in blood.  

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