An Atlas of Dental Caries
An Atlas of Dental Caries
An Atlas of Dental Caries

An Atlas of Dental Caries


Dr. Nazir A Mahomed

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An Atlas of Dental Caries is a practical guide, the first of a series, containing over 200 clinical photographs and radiographs to assist dental students of all years of study as well as graduate dentists all over the world in their early years of practice to recognise dental caries with more assurance.

The topics covered include occlusal, interproximal, cemental, recurrent and secondary caries, how impacted teeth contribute to caries, together with some aids in diagnosis and management, and looks at general cases in clinical settings.

This resource will assist your decision making so that you will be more confident in deciding what is caries and what is not, when to step in and when not to, and what to monitor and what to leave alone.

About the Author

Dr. Nazir A Mahomed (Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Birmingham, England) has close on 40 years of general dental practice experience. He is a past President of the Zimbabwe Dental Association and has been involved in Dental Association affairs for 15 years. He has successfully operated practices of his own in Australia and Zimbabwe.

Nazir is passionate about educating both his patients and students of dentistry. He currently practises in two private dental practices with a strong emphasis on preventative and minimum intervention dentistry, and works as a clinical supervisor for Master of Dentistry students at The School of Dentistry and Oral Health, Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia.


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