Aliens Nurtured Humankind
Aliens Nurtured Humankind

Aliens Nurtured Humankind


Owen Bartrop

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Science Fiction is just that – fiction – but often, it becomes fact. This book, Aliens Nurtured Humankind, Fact or Fiction, depicts how the moon was born and how it was the home of alien beings. It also indicates how humans came to be on earth and how they developed with the aid of these aliens. 

The progress of humanity is not known in sufficient detail to be chronicled definitively. Only since written evidence became available do we precisely know the historical events of our forebears as they progressed through the ages. Before that, historians made assumptions that may be correct or not. 

The future can’t be predicted, and the way forward is unknown. Certain circumstances will change, thus changing the path ahead. This book looks at two of those circumstances. This novel is written as Scientific Fiction. However, any part of it could be a fact. 

You be the judge. 

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