Adjustments Down Under
Adjustments Down Under

Adjustments Down Under


J.M. Anderson

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When Jay Wilson, a new graduate as a Doctor of Chiropractic, flew into Melbourne in February 1974, things were not as he expected. From ham sandwiches to hoop snakes, South Australian pigs and foul-mouthed cockatoos, it was non-stop adventure.

When severe illness forces him to return to America, he finds himself pining for the country that has stolen his heart.

Based on a true story, Adjustments Down Under is about a gentle, talented man finding his destiny in this Great Southern Land. Hilariously funny and deeply moving, this is a story about joy and sadness, brokenness and ultimate human victory, and about finding true love.

‘There's a lot to like and admire in this work. It truly has a broad sweep and plenty of colourful characters, big themes, and slices of genuine historical interest.

 Descriptive passages are always compelling ... the dialogue snaps along ... excellent character portrayals ... touching, unique, delightful. I was impressed.’ 

– Nick Stevens, television and radio writer


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great reading

I never have really been a person who buys books and sit down and read them, but I must admit this book is a must for all , I seriously couldn’t put it down I felt as if I was was there myself watching from a distance.
What a pleasure to read with so many emotions on the reading journey .
Fantastic job by a great author J.M.Anderson can’t wait for your next .

Rob B
A privilege to read.

Very occasionally one has the privilege to read a book like ‘Adjustments Down Under’; I had this privilege recently when a copy was gifted to me. Once I had started to read I genuinely had great difficulty in putting the book down. I believe the author J M Anderson has a gifted ability to bring both the characters and situations to life. This ability has you, the reader, experiencing the same situations and knowing the same people as if you were there with Dr Jay. The book had me laughing, crying and wanting to slap some people!
I highly recommend ‘Adjustments Down Under’ to anyone wanting to better understand the Aussie ways, especially anybody starting or moving to a different way of life.
Rob B - BA (CC) Tabor, Grad Dip (CC) Tabor, Cert IV (A&OD) Swinburne

Janine Moscript
A Great Story

As a 'non reader' for a number of years, this book has rekindled my desire to read more. The characters are many and varied, the story gets you in really quickly and maintains its intensity throughout. The Author's use of words is evocative - so much so you can feel yourself immersed in the landscape or in the room with the characters of the story. A great story eloquently told.

Kenneth K Ritchie, MD
I read A LOT

I read A LOT, from Astrophysics to Zen. As with recipes, it takes sorting to find books that suit my tastes. I allow 20 pages: enough to know if the style and substance deserves a place on my list. This book did not go on my list ...... because I couldn’t put it down! Anderson’s production rates with the best authors ever. The reader becomes part of the adventure, not just an observer. Character development is stunning; very “dystinktive”. Locations are visable, crossing physical and cultural latitudes. Situations are personal, tangible. The work is a contemporary, happier Steinbeck. Although the book ends, clearly the story is just at a fork. I eagerly anticipate the sequel. It will not be on my list either!