A Wrong So Right
A Wrong So Right

A Wrong So Right


Lisa Brai

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What if one day you woke up and realised that everything you thought you wanted and have is simply not enough? Lara Carssia has been a loving mother to sixteen year old Lexi and a devoted wife to Adam for eighteen years. She is also a woman who somewhere along the way has lost herself. All the things she once loved have become nothing more than a distant memory. Her marriage has hit troubled waters and her desire for more passion has become overwhelmingly consuming. A series of events will set Lara on a path back to her former self but to get there she will face her darkest days. Life will spiral out of control as she comes face to face with temptation, tragedy, betrayal and a web of lies that may be the only key to getting everything she has ever wanted.


US Trade (152mm x 228mm)
Perfect Bound

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